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We deeply believe that beyond happiness, the performing arts stimulate in children the creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and love and concern needed to face the future.

Three Major Social Initiatives

368 Townships Children’s Art Project

Born in 2006 of the idea that β€œthe tougher life is, the more a show means to a kid,” a group of like-minded founders began the Paper Windmill 319 Townships Children’s Art Project. Over 5 years and with the support of more than 20,000 donors, December 2011 marked the end of the first mile...

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Anti-Drugs for Teens Theatre Project

During the Paper Windmill 319 Townships Children’s Art Project, it became clear that the urban-rural divide in Taiwan went deeper than the arts, as substance abuse had already taken root in the lives of many teenagers. Their souls would then be controlled and trapped by drug dealers...

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Countryside Arts Truck Project

β€œIf the kids can’t get here, we’ll go to them!” This is the heart and spirit of projects promoting the arts in rural or remote townships, as we continue to strive in the hopes of marshalling arts and cultural resources to bring joy, laughter, and love to more doorsteps of families throughout the land...

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Story of the Foundation

The scene is a late night in 1992 as autumn turns to winter, and a group of film and theatre friends in their middle-years gather round a hot pot table, discussing their dreams and the future. Who have we here? Titans all, that night sat Taiwanese film producer Hsu Li-Gong, director Ko I-Chen, writer and director Lo Pei-An, theater director Lee Yung-Feng, and the creative consultant Dr. Wu Jing-jyi...

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